• mysweatlifeYOU CAN || When I took the photo on the left, everything about it bothered me. Now I know the only thing that should have bothered me is that I'm not smiling. If I thought I would ever in a million years be sharing it, I would have faked a smile I'm sure. That photo is still hard for me to look at, not because I am ashamed of my post-partum body, but because it reminds me so sharply of what was going on internally, and I'm sad that I ever was ashamed of my body at all. For those of you thinking "oh it's easy for you to say that now because look at you now" I want to make something clear- my self love and respect and appreciation for my body is not based on how it looks, and yours shouldn't be either. As long as we let our happiness be solely dependent on what we see in the mirror, we will NEVER be happy. Yes, my mental and emotional progress happened alongside my physical progress, but the beautiful thing is that I started being happy with what I saw in the mirror far before I started seeing abs in the mirror. The cool thing is it really all goes hand-in-hand.🤗 I began @kayla_itsines #bbg program because I wanted to look a certain way. I started and stopped a lot and was more discouraged with each try because I thought I had failed. Then I began realizing that I FELT better mentally when I was working out each day! My motivation to be healthy and active shifted as I began doing my best because I wanted to take care of my body, and the easier it became because I really started to understand my body DESERVED to be taken care of.⚡️ You CAN do it. You CAN eat healthy. You CAN reach your goals. You CAN find your strength. You CAN begin again and you CAN be what and who you want to be. But you absolutely won't if YOU don't believe you can. So get on board with your bad self! Become your biggest fan. Do your best every damn day and love yourself along the way.⚡️💗👊🏼 . . . . .

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  • sofiemansachsJa! 😍 Og hårdt arbejde 🙈 @leahoxer
  • jamiegallegor@nora_dzurko
  • mickapooSo you said you did BBG but you started and stopped a lot because you thought you failed- did you do something different to get the results on the right?
  • brooksfinnegan@slermo this girl is super inspirational 🌟
  • slermo@brooksfinnegan are you like insinuating something
  • camiiilleeeeeee@catryanais
  • sydnielynne@hunternicolecarr
  • popo_20_04The secret ? Sorry for me english is verry bad 😢
  • laylakiyarah@megan_langford this is me trying to motivate myself.
  • megan_langford@laylakiyarah damn, this needed to be said
  • floreanalopezb@anigonzalez95
  • hannahdelliott@stacyselkow
  • strega_a_rombiCome si può fare ????
  • ellatodaeselarte👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
  • gailpanoutsosWhat the the time difference in photos please?
  • madisonpanos@nickfromkindigit uses bbg like I have! It really does work.
  • madisonpanos@alyssahennefer uses bbg like I have! We need to do it
  • lan1bearIt's amazing. While I admire your body in both, I can see that happiness in the second that just lights up your entire face. You're incredible! ❤️
  • ellelynnbrownlove this so much
  • christiane_summerYou Look prettier on the left pic, but its more important how u feel inside
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