• lazygirl.coWe're alive! 👋🏻 Yup, we took a 2 week insta-break, and it was.. pretty damned liberating. It freed up time for us to tinker and improve our site, curate interviews, longer form content and generally just move forward in a direction we are more comfortable with.
    Don't worry, we're not disappearing! Posts might just become a little more sporadic cause we want to post more meaningful content, especially on our blog. Thanks for staying with us, especially those who've been around since before our branding/name transition.
    Got something you wanna tell us? Hit the 'contact' button in our profile to reach us. We adore hearing from you, and would love to hear your thoughts on the direction we are moving in. Here's to an awesome, fruitful week ahead ladies! 🖖🏻 #lazygirlramblings
    Featuring @sulkinginmypartydress in our LIVVY slip dress in black. Stay tuned for our upcoming article with her!

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