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  • chilivaniliaHúha, mekkora munka ez!😱Az arab konyha egyik ikonikus hazias fogasa a toltott cukkini, amihez kicsi, zsenge, vilagoszold zoldseget hasznalnak (ezt Lehelen Csabatol szerzem). Hat nem egy tizperces etel,de azt hiszem, holnap fantasztikus lesz. / stuffed zucchini in light tomato sauce - @ossama19801 please let me know if you happen to have this on the menu of Baalbek!:) this is such a labour intensive dish, now I understand what you mean by telling this kind of cuisine requires a lot of complex cooking with hand (and love) #summercooking #inmykitchen #budapest #arabcuisine #kousamahshi #csaba32 #lehelpiac #szinekkertje

  • nagy_mariannaSzivecske is fő benne!😃
  • chilivanilia@nagy_marianna tenyleg!😃❤️
  • ossama19801I love this dish :) , just to hard to find this type of zucchini here in budapest , once i will do it and will invite you @chilivanilia
  • chilivanilia@ossama19801 at Lehel market there is my favorite producer: Csaba at stand nr.32, every Saturday morning he is selling this zucchini!:) and every Saturday morning I meet the guy from Al Amir there who buys a lot of it:)) I would love to taste the authentic version!
  • blueberrycannelle@pbeaaa 😍
  • ossama19801Ok , this saturday i will go there :) @chilivanilia
  • reka.orosz.me_Azt hiszem nalam a toltott szololevel nyert a munka teren 😊
  • lilafugeOMG! Imadom! Gyerekkorom (na jo, tini) meghatarozo etele ❤️
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