I showed a little video teaser to get the month of August going for our campaign, #HowEyeSeeIt. All the hard work, thought and love to bring awareness and finding a cure out there is almost here! I'm so happy to be part and working with The Foundation Fighting Blindness (the U.S organization) on this project. This entire campaign means the world to me because all of you who are participating with the blindfold can get the sense of my world. The visual impaired/blind world. And how difficult it is for me to do the simple things that others do, but I do it! Because my world doesn't need to end with this disability. Nothing should hold us back from anything our hearts desire. 
Help me and the FFB team spread the awareness out there. 
Please stay tuned as we finally launch #HowEyeSeeIt next week, August 23rd! To learn more about the campaign, visit HowEyeSeeIt.org and @fightblindness! 
So excited for all this! 
Stay Blessed.💞
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