Is Metroid Prime: Federation Force the Metroid game you never knew you always wanted? Find out in our review! #metroid #metroidprime #federationforce #metroidprimefederationforce #samus #nextlevelgames #3ds
  • nintendolifeIs Metroid Prime: Federation Force the Metroid game you never knew you always wanted? Find out in our review! #metroid #metroidprime #federationforce #metroidprimefederationforce #samus #nextlevelgames #3ds

  • scott11221@zombiewolf3ds look at this novel you wrote. you're obviously offended and got defensive real quick. I ain't reading all of that. 😂 time to go get some fresh air lil boy 😂
  • jibakuma@scott11221 You wrote a novel earlier too? I'm not mad, I'm just surprised by you. The moment you can get me to actually be mad would be the same day pigs fly. And I'm not a boy
  • brendan_baxter@zombiewolf3ds dude don't pay attention to him he's a moronic troll who knows nothing about what weaboo's are
  • scott11221@zombiewolf3ds yeah, clearly you're mad. you wouldn't have written that novel if you weren't mad. must be the virginity thing that's frustrating you 😂 imagine having a girl over and they take one look at your stuffed animals 😂
  • jibakuma@scott11221 Did you not hear me about I'm not a guy? At my age and gender if I lost my virginity I wouldn't be able to attend college. So it's not an insult calling me a virgin. Unlike you, I do not brag about the kind of stuff because it's not something worth bragging about. You may not have to worry about getting pregnant so you think it's all a game, and that's another reason to prove you're incompetent. And if you've checked the dates on those photos, they're old. Again, you sound like an idiot cause I'm laying in bed and there are no stuffed animals to be found? 😂😂 My room looks nothing like that anymore. So they're not even valid. I understand you're trying to tick me off, but as I said, good luck with that
  • scott11221@zombiewolf3ds again, I'm not reading that. stay mad and offended! 😂
  • jibakuma@scott11221 Ahhh you got me I'm very mad!! You offended me!! Oh no I'm really hurt
  • scott11221@zombiewolf3ds you would've dropped it by now and not spend 5 min typing up a response if you weren't offended. nice try tho 👍
  • zontryI have a video I'll be putting up soon about this game
  • jibakuma@scott11221 No I'm just amused by it 😂😂 I love a good debate
  • kameroncrutcherYou do realize you didn't post a link to the review right
  • scott11221@zombiewolf3ds amused? yeah you seem amused...that whole novel you wrote sounded offended tho. again, nice try 👍 you'll get over it eventually
  • jibakuma@scott11221 You're trying to force something that won't happen 😂😂 god why am I even bothering with someone like you
  • scott11221@zombiewolf3ds because you're angry 😂😂
  • jibakumaYup
  • wjs10700Ohh!
  • tristan_knausNo
  • onemoreghost@nintendolife it's fun !
  • malakgalleryCan you check my nintendo collection please @nintendolife
  • dbzlover555Sucks ass
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