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  • shinedownOur friend @jodowa took a nasty spill yesterday. So our very own @ebassprod and John from BSC filled in for the stormers in Bass last night
    Glad Josh is feeling better.
    Video - @zmyersofficial

  • kerimckinnonCleveland Tonight!! Can not wait!!!
  • jacqueespNice Mr Bass😉😀
  • tylermulkey@ty_smith32 @kylarwilliams97 when you're so talented that you know and can play your own set and Halestorms
  • mbeane4What nice guys they are! What some people will do to get a night off!!! LOL!!!
  • heathaface@rustyardscavenger
  • heathaface@jenholland79
  • robertandrousHow cool is that! A headliner fills in for an opening act! You've got to be the nicest guys in music! Why to @ebassprod Love you guys!
  • bryant.kelliThat's how things should be! More people should be willing to step in and help others when there is a need! @ebassprod you are a gem!
  • ellenk60@shinedown Class act @ebassprod. Wishing Josh a speedy recovery. Just amazing how you've all got each other's backs! Nothing but love and respect for you all!
  • keeprockaliveluv #halestorm luv #shinedown luv this ❤️
  • rkuzyThis just show. Rock is just one big family.
  • disicoHope he's ok!! Family❣
  • h.vandykeSeeingu tomorrow
  • downtownrb22Great show last night from both bands and way to step @ebassprod. @shinedown total class act for stopping the show and making sure that guy who was down got to safety. Much respect you guys truly rock!!
  • lisa.y.harperOmg thanks for the preview, tonight is the night I have been waiting for since April. DTE Clarkson Michigan
  • hiddledeedeeAwesome! That's true family!
  • sam__matternI love Eric Bass 😍😍😍
  • meredithnorkusOf course Eric would slide in. BEST GUY EVER! Your whole band exemplifies decency, respect, and brotherhood. Us fans are indebted to you for your sacrifices and life lessons. Much respect gentlemen.
  • nikkipav1Eric is awesome! 💜💜
  • sandrums2112Was my first time seeing both bands, Lizzy Is incredible, Shinedown was awesome ...and that was badass pro move of Eric step in, check the ego at the door,,,,total props bro...but when your on tour that's what ya do....
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