• rbnfrngplsAwesome Thomas! 👍
  • stefanknapenCongrats dude!
  • wallstromsimonWell done 👊
  • blazetheepicTURN UP
  • areebaashrafiSuggest me a good book to bring positivity and productivity in my life??
  • handoshkaCongratulations 🎊
  • zurachitvGrats man!!
  • leeguillemerCongratulations!
  • lucaslessan1 step to an awesome book: be @tomfrankly
  • lexy_shumbaCongrats. You can now tick that off your list👏👏👏
  • studyforthCONGRATULATIONS Thomas! This is awesome!
  • chantelrosesamsonCongrats! !!🌟👍👏
  • the_yc_Good work👍
  • natalia_bianchiOmg, congrats! I'm brazilian, I started watching your videos just to improve my english and... in the end, I just fell in love with your study tips. Thank you so much! You deserve this!
  • kudawilfredGreat!!!!
  • andreas_sterGot send the pdf version last night thank you very much!I've read a 3 chapters so far and it's already REALLY helpful!So grateful that a book like this is free!Been reading your blog and watching your vids for a while but I'm totally hooked now! I'll come back with an in depth feedback of the book!Thanks for the help superman(not even superman has't achieved so many stuff tho) keep kicking ass!!!!x
  • edafosakademikPlease put it on amazon, and pleaaaase let there be shipment worldwide. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 I don't like reading on PDF. :( I've been waiting for the hard copy to be published. (Probably shipment will cost more than the book itself, as always 😐)
  • tomfrankly@edafosakademik it is on Amazon :)
  • r.a.s.h.a.a.nNice!😉
  • howtonetworkincollegeCongratulations. Any tips on how to get there?! @tomfrankly
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