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  • pinoyfitnessDespite the continuous heavy downpour the last few days, a miracle happened today. The rain stopped just enough to get all the runners safely to the venue, and rained just enough for everyone to experience how it is to run in the rain.

    We had a lot of technical difficulties because of the weather, but we're still thankful to everyone who joined and supported the event. Because of this we where able to donate and support to both MCares by MICHAELA and Chosen Children Village Foundation.
    What a great way to celebrate our 7th year anniversary, and yeah, secretly it was @iamjefflo's birthday race too, so thank you to everyone and to all my friends who came and supported the event :) #pinoyfitness #pfkasamarun #pfvideos

  • gojackiegoCongratulations @pinoyfitness 😊👏🏼
  • christinebollerCongratulations @pinoyfitness! 👍🏼💯 Happy birthday Jeff Lo! 🎂
  • michelle_joyHappy anniv. @pinoyfitness & congratulations! 👏🏻
  • charlievamviI also ran in the rain :-)
  • bamromana:)
  • rochelleromeroCongrats @pinoyfitness!
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