Another cute bicyclist making her way down Seventh Ave., New York
  • thesartorialistAnother cute bicyclist making her way down Seventh Ave., New York

  • _srzreee @sofisuaya!
  • lrickypipsWell ladies the helmet debate is not so simple. Sure, if you crash a helmet can reduce the chance of a TBI, however there are several studies that indicate helmet use does not actually increase safety. I rarely wear a helmet for casual city riding. Either way, it's a beautiful shot!
  • textureclash@lrickypips that is irresponsible bollocks. The best accident research centers in the world say helmets dramatically reduce head trauma. Head + road + fast vehicles nearby = you do the math. There is nothing beautiful or stylish about head trauma or brain injury.
  • thesevyant_house❤️
  • sl_dougallI'm sure she made it safely home 🚲
  • lrickypips@textureclash agreed that helmets do reduce TBI as I stated above. They do not necessarily have a meaningful impact on overall bike safety overall, however. That is more effectively handled by infrastructure, driver and rider education and other boring unphotographable things. Still a great pic 😎
  • thesartorialist@tokonic she might be bi !
  • xtinafelix@jmaehinks thought it was you for a sec! 😘 miss you
  • tokonic@thesartorialist true enough lol
  • is this you?!
  • antmilloNo helmet though!
  • patinanycNot so cute when her head cracks open
  • OMG yes - babies on bikes!!
  • bellespedalsandchains@thesartorialist #cyclechic Very Copenhagen!!
  • ladymaximo@lrickypips Umm not sure it makes sense that you agree it reduces the chances of head trauma but it doesn't add to overall safety. That is so contradicting! Lmao. If something reduces your chances of injury then it DOES increase overall safety. ☝🏼️I think that's what @textureclash and I can't figure out with what you said. 🤔
  • evoltalove❤️🚲
  • rebekah.s.pollockBiking in flip-flops is a pretty bad idea- speaking from experience!
  • dipicaramiaAnd no helmet?😳
  • textureclash@lrickypips Er, i don't follow that logic. They don't prevent gravel rash but you can recover from that.
  • sara_s31817th av.! I saw so many cycling along just a week ago! Now back in Toulouse, there are many too but not on Fashion av.😉
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