This is my daughter and she managed to come to Japan and ask the mayor to stop killing dolphins in Taiji. He has refused for years to have face to face meetings with activists so we were so surprised when he agreed to meet my little girl. He read her letter with a translator and he smiled at her and hugged her and said that it was not his position to stop the dolphin hunting but it was the governments. He was very kind to us and spoke with us for over 20 minutes when we were originally told we would only be granted five minutes. I hope that this meeting helped in someway and that in the future we will see the end of this. I am so proud of my little angel of her bravery and courage and determination. I know she will change the world. #kidsgetit #dolphinprojet #useyourvoice #stoptheslaughter #captivitykills #emptythetanks #minicovemonitor #bethechange #kidsvoicesmatter #dontgotoseaworld #dontbuyatickettoadolphinshow