Last show of In Dream today. Time to wake up. Last show for these bad boys too #editors
  • editorsofficialLast show of In Dream today. Time to wake up. Last show for these bad boys too #editors

  • pardeep_kc@alwish2 I think we've seen these twice?
  • ethelbrojasLove those boots and I love you guys. Hope one day you can come to Argentina so we can enjoy your music too.
  • paola67molkoNew shoes, new album! 👍🏻👍🏻
  • reinemaanThe boots show how hard you've all worked! Loved seeing you. Take a break. Catch your breath. (But don't make the break too long please)
  • beatryczeturn21And Mexico? 😢
  • berthvegMy heart 💔
  • ninysthmTake some rest guys, and good luck for E6 😉 can't wait to hear from you soon. Lots of Love 💜
  • not.your.elizabetheww.
  • nature559How many shows/years this shoes danced with you?
  • gwgmaboniLEGENDARY
  • mylifeasmauriThank you for last friday night in Milano. It's always great to see you, no matter the stage. You always give me chills. Good luck with the new album!
  • jkforsterBring them to Australiaaaaa
  • wereallyareantsTom can you sell them to me??
  • ggrammer76They look super comfy and nice, where can i shop for these?
  • cathy_roganRIP in peace Tom's shoes 😭
  • veroaertsOooh I love those shoes! I have seen you rock on those 10 times. Every concert or festival I have seen, it was with those unbelievable amazing looking shoes :-) Keep them, cause every time you'll look at them from now on, it will bring back all the good memories ;-)
  • manderleydreamsOooh.... It's a pity, I love them!! They totally suit you, Tom. You'll be missed... I hope I could have gone to some festival... 😢 But I'm glad I saw you earlier on this tour. I looove the In dream album, it really moves me.
  • margaritapanteliadouI call them the "Peter Pan" shoes
  • chantalkghdiscovered editors during the festival of vieilles charrues, I attended the concert on 17 July 2016 and, from that day, the voice of Tom Smith has become a drug an addiction for me !!! Every day, I need to listen his voice.... I discovered musical enjoyment... Thanks a lot Tom, thanks a lot Editors.... I bought your five albums, I'm a new fan and for au long time !!!!! long life Editors !!! and I would like to say long life Tom's Shoes !!!!!
  • andreagollin1983Was always looking out or these shoes! Have seen them a few times. They are very special to me!!!
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