1) I never believed it but sometimes running when you're under the weather CAN make you feel better. 
2) isn't it funny when we runners say something like I "only" ran 10 miles today? 😂
Alright here's the long story...
Woke up this morning feeling sick (started last night) and stayed home from work. Was on the couch all day and feeling bummed this happened on the day we had to run 15 miles. 
I knew we had to run no matter what and figured we'd do 6 miles. 
I actually felt amazing once we started. We did a 3 mile warmup, then 7x5 min at tempo pace with 1 min jog. Once we finished, we only had 2 miles left to complete 10 miles so I said to my mom, let's just do it and finish 10. We won't get in our 15 mile long run this week but I'm happy with this distance. We're still on track to hit 40 miles this week. 
Feeling good. Still a bit of a sore throat and stuffy but hoping it goes away before 5th Ave Mile on Saturday. Anyone else running it??!🏃🏻
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