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  • fantastic.coloursI Love Tel Aviv & Jerusalem. Tag the friends who you want to take with you
    #TelAviv #Jerusalem #citiesbreakdotcom @ldrs.co.il

  • just.ruba@sozzukki thanx ❤ Im not even trying hard for a nobody 🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸 forever @noam_xyston
  • sozzukki@just.ruba 😂😂😂😂✌🏼️🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸 @noam_xyston
  • roking_kingNice
  • xyston_wolfUfff we started? U R so wrong, look at the history we only def, and yeah u r an outsider who's talking shit @just.ruba
  • xyston_wolfWe give them everythibg
  • xyston_wolfEverything*
  • xyston_wolfThe fact that the Hamas is using this to create bombs isnt our fault
  • just.rubaAnd also the fact that you start shit and bomb isn't your falt right!?? ...what a usual jew pig (keep denying ) @noam_xyston
  • just.rubaUmm no longer gon waste my time on such a usual nobody
  • xyston_wolf@just.ruba holy shit, u r the most unsenseable human I got to know, u r a moron, you think like that only coz u r an Arab well let me tell U what, I got no problem with arabs, I got problems with shahids, young people which are younger than me in like 5 years get a bomb and make 125 people injured we only defense our selves, one of my best friends is arab, so please stop talking shit....
  • xyston_wolf"usual nobody" plz, u r lame and u r a disgrace, your way if thinking is stupid af so go sleep with the fishes... Idiot...
  • xyston_wolfAnd plz , a jew pig who u think u r? Mrs world's best human? As i thought, u aren't so stop looking at this shit from your side and look at it from up, they bomb us, we defense and unfortunately the best defense is an attack so.... If u attack, get the consequences
  • sozzukki@noam_xyston i think you were born there. My dear, the fact that you defend yourself is true only if you are defending your own land. You are occupying an arab land, so whatever you do is attacking and not in any way defending. Read history and see who put you on our land and try to tell me what right they had to do that. It is called #Palestine.
  • xyston_wolf@sozzukki bot rly, we got this land from the world units from 39 countries in the world, and we had even more from wars which we gave back to you, and though we didn't have to.... So plz....
  • sozzukki@noam_xyston oh sorry I didn't notice the world has conspired against #Palestine to grant you a land that is not yours or theirs to give! so are you saying they wanted you out of their 39 countries and the only way to do that was by telling you to move in to #Palestine ? And wait.. Did you say you had more from wars? So that means you had to go through a war to get into this land? Amen to that. And that's exactly what happened. You are an occupier of someone else's land, ours. I don't know what they teach you in school. But clearly a messed up lie to make you think you have a country. My greetings to your arab best friend 👍🏼
  • sozzukki@just.ruba you are missing something 😉
  • just.rubaNo worries...you've got my back😉 👉 @sozzukki zzukki
  • weisser_adler👌👌
  • ultramarine_pbThe NEW OTTOMAN TURKS will free PALESTINE. Inshaallah ☝
  • nwaaf78روعاتك
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