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  • subbanator6 weeks #monstermode

  • tobiasekbergMen tjena Bob! @gustavjobzjr @patrikelfsberg
  • gustavjobzjrMen tjäääna! Kul att ni titta in på mitt konto👍🏾🇧🇷 @tobiasekberg @patrikelfsberg
  • faycollierHoly! You professional athletes really train hard.
  • jr.oyefeso@raph_hudec you moron we will go up in the standings because price is all better. We lost on this trade. Subban was traded because Bergivin didnt like how subby was creating his own brand. Weber is 31 and declining in speed and athleticism...
  • silent_panther1406@jr_oyefeso he's more focused than Subban and doesn't have his head stuck up his ass. I'm not gonna miss subban's obnoxious personality. Weber is also very consistent and is a great leader. All Subban does is unnecessarily deke and failing most of the time.
  • jr.oyefeso@raph_hudec that's literally the only dirt you have on subban. He lost the puck on the blue line like twice last season, but everyone forgets to mention he is a defenseman who earned 50+ points in the past 3 seasons. PK had the same amount of points as Shea weber last season, while PK played 10 less games then weber, and PK was surrounded by a overall worse team. You realize that the press traded weber for a reason right? They knew they were getting a better player. Montreal traded subban because of his out going personality and because he also has other things in life he is focused on besides hockey
  • jr.oyefeso@raph_hudec the nhlers aren't robots man, they are human beings. As good as PK is and considering all the other things he does besides hockey, he still finds time to practice and compete at the NHL level and still be considered a top 5 defenseman I'm the league
  • elbon73What a crappy athlete that's gets traded to a team and shows up to his new city meets fans, cops, and actually sits down with the media puts on the teams jersey trains in the new teams gear and does interviews. Where's weber btw? Training in bc? That's his excuse? 🤔😂
  • sunrise31064Weber a great leader😂😂😂where did he lead his team last season:the management we're glad too move him;Nashville got the best deal👍🏻only one SUBBANATOR .💛💛
  • shwanlakeOn this day we have figured out subban does crossfit #kipling
  • silent_panther1406@kyle__81 incorrect use of a period in a sentence. #checkyourselfbeforeyouwreckyourself
  • habsjunkey@raph_hudec yes your free to speak so why don't you go see PK and tell him face to face what your opinion is ?? Your a mislay little keyboard warrior ... Get a fucking life
  • silent_panther1406@kyle__81 can you go back to making sense school?? Honestly.
  • silent_panther1406@habsjunkey lol. 😂
  • j.nards6U talk about subbans personality as if u know him personally @raph_hudec
  • j.nards6Peoples life experiences and character traits determine how they act.. His personality is in its own unique way positive, not typical, but positive @raph_hudec
  • j.nards6The guys an original.. Cannot be replaced @raph_hudec
  • daren.mcdonaldSong
  • inky_bomb@grantv10 @jrach22 @jacktroller88 @jceck12 check the quote on the wall
  • sshorty51I hate that Montreal traded you for someone that's not as good
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