Flash Back Friday. 😊 #FBF
#ChangingLives #TransformingGhana
  • dramani_mahama1Flash Back Friday. 😊 #FBF
    #ChangingLives #TransformingGhana

  • novelty_kmsYou've always had a vision.
  • deriqmensImbecile @princelaunch u can't force me to love any party. For your information I don't depend on human beings for food. I live on kingdom factor. Fuck u.... Sake of u I go vote give NDC.
  • deriqmensI guess ex prez kuffour left food n money on ur table every day. Swine @princelaunch
  • mizzychicNpp still violent why? JM toaso jm toaso we will vote for u. I don't HV party card I don't need one but Will still vote for JM GH luvs u. The irresponsible r those nagging
  • mizzychic@president_mahama
  • deriqmensMind ur own business. Like I said u can't force me to love any party of ur choice. My utility bills are not part of ur daily agenda. No politician will pay ur utility bills for you. I think u have to use a wiser way of lobbying me to vote ur party. @princelaunch not this irresponsible approach.
  • adomkjohnsonAccept our condolences@president_mahama. We are going to console you with another resounding victory come December 7th
  • abdullatifalabamaGrandmother may almighty Allah grant u Jannatul Firdaus.
  • edwinklutseWe love u Mr President and we will continue to support u. # but am a graduate with no job. Pls help us. May God continue to bless u
  • mizzychicThe right person is JM toaso
  • nusi_nusinyo@princelaunch if you really follow policies before voting and you think the policies of JM's government towards our energy crisis is not the best, then i wonder what else you want to see............. i wish you go back to your checking room and find out the number of projects done to curb this crisis and am very sure your thoughts will change....... visit www.greenbook.com.gh my brother...
  • nusi_nusinyoDid u say photo shop???? My brother do your checks well... Even your bosses are running away from this debate........ and do well to stick to the issue rather than the path you are taking.....
  • mizzychicHey @princelaunch I won't like to sound rude here , NDC we are for PEACE.kindly remain at where u r keep dreaming of a political party which won't win to be in your mind .people are making it. I will advice put strategic measures in your work to better it production. And stop going to the bar after work and chasing girls.anyway u r welcome to NDC no fee paying no 5cedis contributions πŸ‘„πŸ‘„@president_mahama
  • mizzychicJM toaso @princelaunch πŸ‘„πŸ‘„πŸ‘„πŸ‘„πŸ‘„πŸ‘„πŸ‘„πŸ‘„
  • mizzychicHahahah
  • mizzychicU care paaa
  • mizzychicStill JM toaso
  • iambukarigh#GrandMum Rest in Peace......."Extend our greetings to your HUSBAND'S..." #HajaAlima, #EAMahama #HajaMua #Asumah #WecheFatima .....
  • empressmariamAmazing family...papa JM zantugi
  • ritawinsomThe Lil gentleman on our mums lap is just a replica of u.
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