• lgbt_history"HOMOSEXUELEN ZIJN GEEN KRIMINELEN (HOMOSEXUALS ARE NOT CRIMINALS)," activists protest Anita Bryant, Amsterdam, Netherlands, June 25, 1977. Photo by Hans Peters. According to historians Judith Schuyf and Andre Krouwel, "[r]emarkably, it was a foreign event, rather than domestic developments, that triggered the first large public manifestation of the Dutch gay and lesbian movement. In 1977, former beauty queen Anita Bryant forced the city of Miami, Florida, to hold a referendum on its antidiscrimination law. As a result, Miami's gay rights law was struck down by a seventy percent majority. In reaction to these events, gays and lesbians took to the streets of Amsterdam on 25 June 1977" (pictured). #lgbthistory #lgbtherstory #lgbttheirstory #lgbtpride #queerhistorymatters #haveprideinhistory #europride2016 #iamsterdam

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