800,000 subscribers on YouTube is the best pre-birthday gift ever! ❤️ you guys
  • jackieaina800,000 subscribers on YouTube is the best pre-birthday gift ever! ❤️ you guys

  • jackieaina@_alavogue I'm actually not sure what you're talking about hun, I don't always laugh when brands send lighter shades. I put them to use my giving them to friends and family members who can use those shades. And then whatever products they don't take I donate to a shelter. Out of all the makeup I receive I've probably jokingly laughed about shades (because that's what it is, humor) a couple of times. And it's not about being grateful... PR packages arent just free gifts! We have had to earn that stuff. So yes, if I want to jokingly make note of a shade range once or twice I have that right to do so. These brands work WITH us, they do not employ us. And lastly, giveaways really just attract people who only want the free makeup. lol that's not how we grow a fanbase.....all of the other Christian stuff you're commenting reeeeeeeeeeeally isn't necessary babes. I don't take too well to ppl making assumptions about small things, and I'm sure you wouldn't appreciate that either. Have a lovely day! xoxo
  • _alavogueI didn't say always, but I noticed it...I've followed you long enough to have noticed it. But clearly I'm just one of 800K so what do I know. And good to know you give your freebies away. How very thoughtful of you. Best of luck. ✌🏿
  • jackieaina@_alavogue well hey if you followed me long enough you'll also notice I do like doing my own giveaways at random. It makes it more fun and spontaneous. But then when you do ppl still complain about why you didn't pick them, or why you picked a makeup artist, or why you don't do giveaways at all 😕 Damned if ya do and damned if ya don't ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ people are always going to assume and takes things so personal regardless 😣 that's why I just do what works for me and keeps me sane lol
  • _alavogueI hear you. And I totally didn't mean to offend - obviously that didn't go too well...word fail. I just felt a way when I watched the L'Oreal Snap. Could've easily just been me and not at all you. Do ya thing thing. Wit ya pretty ass lashes. 👍✌
  • fabulousfashionistamua@jackieaina can you do a video on how to grow on youtube as a makeup artist? I want to learn how
  • lilemiiiWhat app is this?!?!
  • lilemiiiI need it for my channel
  • makeupofcolorYou can use an app like phonto to create something like this @lilemiii
  • lilemiiiBut what apps are there that count your subscribers? @melaningirlmakeup
  • makeupofcolorYou can count your subscribers on YouTube, it should tell you how many you have @lilemiii
  • haleyjmedinaI was scrolling through the makeup tutorials icon thing on the explorer page, what is your YouTube channel. You seem like and amazing person and I would like to check it out👍🏻😄
  • shadowshieldsWow you have come so far! So proud ! Big Congrats! 💃🏻
  • torigodschild_muaI love you too @jackieaina
  • naturally__unbotheredYou deserve more bc you're always honest with us! Very positive person! I love your channel and have been a Subbie for a long time now❤️... We love you @jackieaina
  • biglilkimCongrats u deserve it!!!
  • elibaby17Omg congratulations
  • regulakiraI feel like you should have 1m
  • lavish_du_mondemuaWhoooo girl you should have millions I be hyped over you. Where everybody at 👀👀 they 😴 on you boo! Got boocoo love fa ya
  • bleubell_bluesI hope you make to a million
  • ohmy.lucyycongrats on a million
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