• creativemorning"People love you when you make their jobs/lives easier. People love you when you listen to and fulfill their needs. People are not limited by intelligence so much as their own likes and dislikes. . . To do truly free and creative work, I have to forego guaranteed income. I overcome this by recognizing the very real non-monetary value of a creative expression.”
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    Meet Southpaw Jones (@southpawjones), Software Developer at the University of Texas and @cm_austin attendee. His mission is to free minds and break hearts with software, songs, and silliness. The one thing you can’t find on Google about him is that he once owned a pet squirrel. He’s struggling with valuing his creativity as highly as his logical/technical skills. What advice would you share with Southpaw?
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    📷 by Jason Griego (@jasongriego)

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  • doublefancyKeep at it ! 🙌🏼
  • m.liebsThis is great!
  • humblymadebrandGood shot!
  • sylvigendreauWell said!
  • southpawjonesThanks for sharing, @creativemorning!
  • austinwordwomanA creative outlook, Mr. Jones. No surprise there.
  • creativemorningYou're very welcome, thanks for the work that you're doing @southpawjones ❤️
  • dadacowboyI bet the second you fell in love with an 1980's keyboard/synthesizer in your childhood bedroom, it was because you tapped into that mindless:soulless place of beauty that creative people consume...'flow'. I've never been as excited for $ as I have been emotionally destroyed be the power of 'flow'. Billions of people everyday trade their logic/skills for $. Have to. No one gives it away for free. But those of us that find a way to dance month to month in the logic/skill game so we can pour the rest into creative 'flow'....well, that's may be the whole game wrapped in a tortilla. And why I bet a 50 year old southpaw jones is still strumming away.
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