• 20yearshenceWhether we are the ones leaving or staying behind, it is always so hard to say goodbye to the #friends that we have made on our journey. Today we say hasta la vista to our good friend @heylittlebean who has been a partner in crime for the past few months. From commiserating over trips to the vet, dancing our asses off on Saturday mornings, getting caught in thunderstorms while walking our dogs, swimming with whale sharks, snorkeling beautiful cenotes, scuba diving, ice cream selfies and parking tickets, we have had a slew of adventures; Playa won't be the same without her. We are very sad to see her go, but super excited that she's leaving to pursue her dreams. So grateful our paths intersected here in Mexico & here's hoping we catch her on the flip side in Mozambique! 😘

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  • rika.royaleLong hair don't care!! 😍😍
  • 20yearshence@rika.royale ha ha, it's true! But Imma cut it off soon... Playa is too hot for long hair in the summer!
  • editrishLong-haired Steph!
  • fly.icarus.flyHow dare you have other friends than me!
  • 20yearshence@editrish but how long will I keep it long? Already getting the itch to cut it all off!
  • 20yearshence@flyicarusfly2014 how dare you be all the way over in Asia! When ya gonna visit already?
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