• jessicajanoskiIf you've followed my blog you know there's no denying my deep love for Minneapolis, so in hope of making you feel the same I've partnered with @countryinns to giveaway a getaway. Today is your last chance to enter to win a FREE two-night stay at ANY of their US and Canada locations!! (But please pick the Minneapple!!) Enter to win NOW by clicking the link in my profile and learn a little more about my city and the Minnesota's great city 🎉 #summergetaway #ad #giveaway

  • cdarline😊
  • passportsforpeasantsThis is pretty random, but I found your insta from your blog, which I found from pinterest via a Machu Picchu search. Any who, any advice on how to spend a Sunday in Lima? I'm flying in solo on a Saturday night, then catching a night bus on Sunday night. Any suggestions are appreciated.
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