• thelittleplantationNEW: Should #foodbloggers work for free? Is 'exposure' payment enough? What do you need to consider when working with brands? And why I love collaborating with companies like @threadandwhisk and @farmdrop 💕. I explore these questions on the blog this week as well as share the recipe for this #vegan pea and mint #soup with almond dukka. Link in the profile and comment section 💚
    P.S. Tap for prop sources 😊.
    #plantbased #beautifulcuisines herbivore

  • thelittleplantation@fit.foodie.nutter ahh that's so sweet of you to say. But looks like you ahd a lovely insta free time away :)
  • thelittleplantation@blindedbyfood thank you :)
  • thelittleplantation@vanilla_papers thank you. I agree, we shouldn't work for free and I also think that the right product placement can be information. Thanks for sharing your thoughts :)
  • thelittleplantation@vanilla_papers *informative* sorry *blush*
  • thelittleplantation@conscious_cooking so glad you found it interesting; I'd been meaning to write about it for ages. There IS so much to consider when taking on paid work, especially as your following grows. It feels like a responsibility now to endorse the right product, doesn't it?
  • thelittleplantation@shetravelslife thank you sooooo much :)
  • twiggstudiosFunny how I read this yesterday then today I get an email asking for two blog posts and social media post in exchange for 6 bottles of melon juice drink, I think I will be saying no lol X
  • thelittleplantation@twiggstudios 😂😂😂. Good on you and thanks for reading my blog post. You're worth soooo much more 💪🏼
  • lovefoodnourishWhat a beautiful looking soup and very insightful blog post, I am new to blogging and this was very interesting, thank you! 😊
  • thelittleplantation@lovefoodnourish thanks. So glad you enjoyed it ☺️
  • thehungrywarriorGorgeous💚
  • thelittleplantation@thehungrywarrior thank you soooo much
  • lialemonandvanillaKimberly, here is the comment that I tried to leave on your blog post after reading it but I couldn't... I think disqus doesn't like me, lol: "Hi Kimberly,
    Read your post and found it super interesting. I never had to think about it as my blog is very "small" and I think I'm not a true food blogger. I blog for fun, as a hobby and to share my kitchen experiments but, saying that, if ever I find myself in the situation of working with brands, I'm sure I'll remember this post because I totally share your opinions and the advices you have given.
    The soup looks divine and I do have that River Cottage book as I'm a book addicted, lol.
    Much love to you dear Kimberly"
  • thelittleplantation@lialemonandvanilla thank you so much for visiting the blog and taking time out to read the blog post. That's super kind. Glad too that you like the soup and River Cottage is STILL one of my all time favourite cookbooks. I have made nearly everything in there :). As for your blog being 'small', you'll be surprised - brands WILL get in touch with you. It's just a matter of time ;)
  • lialemonandvanilla💚💚💚 Kimberly you're a sweet and hope the gathering is not cancelled because I really want and hope to meet you there. xx
  • matcha.labThat looks to pretty to eat💚
  • kmcip53Love your unique presentation of food!!!😄😄😄
  • hantuehanhNice
  • mizzjay_15Yum!!💚
  • thelittleplantation@matcha.lab @kmcip53 @hantuehanh @mizzjay_15 thank you all sooooo much 💚💚💚💚💚
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