Migraine tracking. I'm still looking for a better way to track all the variables (food/sleep/triggers), but this week was bad enough to warrant its own chart...
#bujo #bujoinspire #bujojunkies #weeklyspread #planneraddict #bulletjournal #migraine #healthtracker #migrainemeds #plannerlove
  • illustratedgreyMigraine tracking. I'm still looking for a better way to track all the variables (food/sleep/triggers), but this week was bad enough to warrant its own chart...
    #bujo #bujoinspire #bujojunkies #weeklyspread #planneraddict #bulletjournal #migraine #healthtracker #migrainemeds #plannerlove

  • illustratedgrey@simplymyjournal thank you!!
  • valitasanchezI love your ig 💗💗💗💗💗
  • illustratedgrey@valita_fit so glad you like it!!
  • planningmydayGreat FEED! Just followed!!😊
  • illustratedgrey@planningmyday thanks!!
  • kerry_designerI'm curious what the abbreviations are in the columns on the bottom chart represent. I'm guessing p=pain, l=light sensitivity... but I'm just guessing. I think this would be a great thing for me to try to introduce into my life.
  • illustratedgrey@kerry_designer glad you like it! P = pain, but the others are actually a medication tally... I=ibuprofen, e=excedrin, f=fioricet. But I like your idea and might incorporate that in my next spread... Pain, nausea, and light/noise sensitivity probably. Let me know if you try it!
  • kerry_designer@illustratedgrey 🤗
  • kaleing.itJust saw this on Buzzfeed and as a migraineur I rushed over. I use Relpax with aleve and take butterbur, magnesium, ceterizine as preventatives. My triggers include red dye, all nuts other than pistachios, heat, interrupted sleep, etc. There are no great migraine apps so I like this idea. I get 5-16 migraines a month.
  • theamandajoI too found this though Buzzfeed! I love this idea. I have long struggled with tracking my symptoms and triggers - this may be the format that will finally work for me! I'm on nortriptyline for prevention. Zomig nasal spray and Cambia for pain management. Even with a daily rx preventative, I still get between 8-10 migaines/month.
  • illustratedgrey@kaleing.it @theamandajo if you end up adapting this to track your migraines, I would love to see it! And I hope you can find some pattern to decrease the frequency of your migraines... They are so limiting and miserable 😞
  • racohen1021I love this idea. As a migraine suffer I am always looking for ways to track triggers. I get P=pain and the meds. But what do S and O mean. Also addicted to journaling and just followed for ideas. I just started one
  • hope_vintage_chwThank you got put onto this by #Bullet Journal Junkies, means so much to find something like this. Thank you 😀
  • hope_vintage_chwHello I used the above as a guide and did a blank template, to use, here it is thank you so much
  • hope_vintage_chwDamm how do I send a pic Ill do it on my page and # you.
  • est1840Just wondering what doez hs stand for?
  • illustratedgrey@est1840 hour of sleep, aka: bedtime
  • kat.86What do the different colors stand for?
  • amluurtzAnother migraineur thank you 🤗 It's amazing to see where community pops up. Thank you for sharing!
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