• elletaylaRise & Shine for its now Breakfast time 💫
    Happy FRI-YAAAAY everyone! 💟
    This smoothie bowl is made with bananas, cherries, raspberries & Mango all blitz together and then topped with fresh banana, kiwi and Passionfruit (passionfruit = 😍) oh and I can't forget the quinoa puffs, coconut shreds and pepitas which are all from the @thesourcebulkfoods
    Speaking of The Source I have to head back to my local store (@thesourcehampton) within the next week as our pantry is running low 😱 on all the essentials - I'm speaking granola, almond flour oh and definitely all that raw chocolate + chocolate coated coffee beans 🍫 With over 20 stores located Australia wide you too can get all your smoothie bowl topping essentials near you!

  • feathersabol@elletayla omg😱😱😱😂😂 I'll have I try it...
  • elletayla@natalija_dv @veganalexa @fromvegansbowl @madiranschau thanks babes 💥💃🏼😘😘
  • elletayla@alicewatson__ was supposed to be today but my time management skills are 💩💩💩 like seriously and then you too it off with my organisation and it =💩⚡️⚡️💨 HAHA!! Once this video does go up (MONDAY AT THE LATEST) I will have content going up weekly! So right now I am just trying to deliver what you all want to see and that's my hand video then why I no longer follow a "vegan" diet or any diet for that matter and of course just my daily WIED plus vlogs and recipes!! xxx thanks for sticking by! 😘😘
  • alf1.romeoLove you Elle!!
  • iwasbornforartIt looks insanely good😍😍😝 Elle, it would be really amazing if you checked out your direct messages 🙏I need you right now 🙈
  • iwasbornforartWish you an incredible day, sweetheart 💕 💫
  • goodstufffoodstuffi love smoothie bowls ! 🙋😌
  • jen.nifer.zhangLove you! When is your video coming up? 💟
  • annaba.nanaHope you're doing okay lovely. You look like you are struggling. Sending good vibes your way ✌🏼️ xx
  • elletayla@jen.nifer.zhang tomorrow night!! 💫💫 @annaba.nana I'm doing well gorgeous just posting less frequently but as of next week I will be back on my A game 😘😘
  • smoothielivinglifelovingYuum😍
  • rawpublic_Yummmm 🌿🌿💛💛
  • valenavaliza@elletayla it looks sooo good! Btw I love your spoon. So cool😍
  • fuck.thigh.gap😍😍
  • starvingtosparklingWhat's the recipe for this? X
  • elletayla@alicewatson__ okay Monday at the latest went out the window💨💨 I have been spending too much time with friends so I will be taking a few days to myself to make sure I do get these videos out xxx
  • alicewatson__No need to explain 😊 life gets in the way sometimes, glad you're enjoying yourself xx
  • lidiakuznetsovaWhere did you get this bowl beautiful? I love it 😍
  • daniela.torres.f@fraansalinas comida hermosa
  • julie_deblauwe_xFood goals
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