• kristenquintrall🐠🐠🐠

  • mysurrealifeBe careful with belongings in your car there! Mine got cleverly broken into there. They clipped my horn wires so no one would hear my alarm when they broke in, went into my purse, went into my wallet and took all my credit and debit cards. They left the $15 cash in my wallet and didn't take my $300 purse or my $100 wallet. They did however hit 4 target stores with my business credit card and within a couple hours, spent $8k. My aunt also had her purse stolen out of her locked trunk there. So yeahhhh, don't take shit there.
  • kristenquintrallOh wow really? I've been going there for a year now and never even bother to lock my car. But I have an old red mini van and there's nothing to steal besides a stroller and some trader joes bags 🙈 I usually park where I can see my car though
  • angievelvet@mysurrealife this is why I never leave my purse in the car. Yikes
  • kristenquintrallPeople are the worst
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