Goat milk formula kits are back in stock!
  • mtcapraGoat milk formula kits are back in stock!

  • aspencer_Is the sunflower oil better to use than olive oil? I currently use olive oil. @mtcapra
  • mtcapra@aspencer_ great question! Sunflower Oil is guaranteed to deliver a correct amount of linoleic acid. Olive oil usually will deliver enough but some varieties don't so we feel more comfortable recommending organic, non-GMO sunflower oil.
  • aspencer_Awesome thank you, also another question... I have the older version of your formula. But could you email me the new updated version that has the sunflower oil and turbinado sugar update, please. My email is Ashley.spencer@student.lssc.edu @mtcapra
  • mtcapraYou got it!
  • aspencer_Thank you, but it doesn't have the amount of turbinado sugar on it. Could you just tell me the amount for a quart? Because I normally make a quart at a time. @mtcapra
  • mtcapraSure np. Its the same as if you were using lactose. 4 tbsp per 1 quart.
  • aspencer_Thanks!
  • a_kvamme@mtcapra I'm currently using avocado oil instead because my baby didn't do well with the olive oil. Should I give the sunflower a try? Also she didn't do well with the molasses so I've skipped that completely. Any substitutes for that?
  • jaslynmcqueenHi There, I'm so excited I came across this option to make my own baby formula, do you buy any chance deliver to New Zealand?? 😊
  • mtcapra@jaslynmcqueen absolutely! We ship via DHL and they are awesome! You should get it in just a few days.
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