It's never too early to start brainstorming for your next #BulletJournal, right? I probably won't make it into my Filofax until the beginning of next year but my gears are already turning!
  • boho.berryIt's never too early to start brainstorming for your next #BulletJournal, right? I probably won't make it into my Filofax until the beginning of next year but my gears are already turning!

  • christaallan.authorFilofax a bit pricey...
  • christaallan.authorOk...just found your post!
  • boho.berry@jessicatking It's a ring bound planner ☺️
  • boho.berry@s25arah I'll be discussing it in a lot more detail soon but honestly I just want to change things up a bit. I've always love the look of a Filofax and having the ability to add/remove pages and rearrange things really appeals to me as well ☺️
  • boho.berry@craftyjessi Check out @yellowpaperhouse on Etsy they have a ton of Filofax inserts ☺️
  • all.things.grandishHaha! I JUST received my first Leuchtturm (as in 3 days ago) and am moving things over from a Hobo, Traveler's, and FILOFAX all because of you, Boho Berry! I was a hard sell but finally caved (and I do love the size of my new Bujo). But I totally understand the desire to switch things up. It's just that the timing is so ironic 😜.
  • mamaantoninyI have a question. You will probably think how silly it is but don't you actually find that doing this journal with all that beautiful writing takes longer time than actually doing everything from the list?
  • mamaantoninyI mean, I am sorry but I am really interested in doing bullet journalism myself and I am looking onto everything what's possible but that's the only thing that intrigues me. That within all staff during the day we mothers ought to do bullet journaling is time consuming as well.
  • craftyjessi@mamaantoniny I know you are asking her and I just happen to see it. Mine are no where as pretty as hers. But to me my journaling and what not is relaxing. It is calming. So making it pretty and doing all the cool things is whst makes it calming.
  • yoursecretgirl@shawna_sg7 me too. I felt exactly the same. I'm still using my FF in corporation with my bujo but only for future planing and because I still have a few more inserts till October/November. After that I don't know if I'll keep her.
  • smartyskort@mamaantoniny I hear you. Mine is very basic. If you go to the demo is very no frills. Mine is strictly black and white. But it has helped me get things done in a way setting tasks on my iPhone didn't.
  • simplebujo@mamaantoniny the thing with sitting down and thinking about it is that you do things more intentionally and analyze what you'd rather invest your time on. I have poor design and handwriting skills so I just write stuff down, the time is well used though. I don't feel like I am chasing life as I go. I know everything I have to do and when.
  • becster54I have a divider labeled "This Week". It has helped so much!
  • chaikristinYou are so inspiration! Question - When you start a new bullet journal, what do you do about your old collections? Do you copy them into your new journal?
  • mamaantoniny@craftyjessi @smartyskort @simplebujo thanks so much for your answers. Now it makes sense to me. I mean mostly. I suppose it is going to take still time for me to decide bulletjournaling.
  • mamaantoninyOne more thing. Have you got any good pages for the beginners?
  • nutty_roorooI #bujo in my #Filofax #finsbury and it's working really well. I watch all of your videos @boho.berry , such an inspiration !! 💖👍🏻😊
  • simplebujo@mamaantoniny use the bjo website with the original video. Zero frills, a two minute tutorial video. Bulletjournal dot com
  • the.lovely.lemonLoved your latest YouTube video Kara! That Kaweco pen is gorgeous!! 😍 Will you be doing a review?? @boho.berry
  • mindfulcreativityThey are so pretty. It's after the month ends that I have all this loose paper that annoys me.
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