• indianaadamsLast week, if you would have told me that a five year old could learn coding, I would have scoffed, but three minutes after opening our new #Osmo Coding kit, Jude was off and learning! Jude loves creating the commands that makes Awbie the monster move through the land to collect strawberries and treasure. Chris, who is a programmer, says, "This is a really great way to introduce algorithmic thinking." Watching these two create long chains of commands together was adorable (and frankly, I don't know who had more fun- Jude or Chris). Since kiddo iPad time is always supervised and educational in our house (i.e. the iPad isn't for mindless entertainment) @PlayOsmo is now one of our family's favorite companies! I want to order the math and letters kits, too. Check 'em out! #ad #playosmo

  • indianaadams@leahfernandez I will for sure check that out! Thanks, Leah!
  • mrs.mombie@ardentra
  • olney_fowlerThat's way cool.
  • renniescampersandHow fun!
  • sydnijaxI want to get this for me 😂😂
  • finkfamilytribewe love our osmo games, I will have to get the coding one!
  • playosmo@finkfamilytribe glad you like them! Thanks!
  • playosmo@olney_fowler 😎 @renniescampersand @sydnijax 😁😄
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