Almost 6 weeks and baby Hayley's getting chubby!!
  • daphnelingAlmost 6 weeks and baby Hayley's getting chubby!!

  • porcelainfacespaHow lovely! 😍
  • ning05Sooooo sweeeeeeet
  • prisstephShe's sooo pretty! How r u doing Mummy of 5?
  • daphneling@prissteph haha it's actually not so bad! Manageable madness. 😊 I could do with more sleep though
  • prissteph@daphneling Spoken like a pro Mom!!! When you're up to it, it would be lovely to hear what your regular schedule is like!! Do you have a full-time helper??
  • bennababysgBaby Hayley is so adorable. 😘❤️ so blessed!
  • gowri_galOh baby u so cute
  • astrhidlimAwww hi mumsy do follow me Choo cuteee
  • myfeelgoodthingsIm mother of 3, pregnant with no 4. Seeing how beautiful your family is and how lovely you look while handling all your kids with love inspires me to be strong. Thank you
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