We put relationships first, and we're giving you an opportunity to spend more quality time with an influential person in your life. Tell us how you would use a 1,000 lb. Steel Utility Gorilla Cart to connect with someone in your life, and you just might win one! Head over to our blog for details. Here's one of our favorites so far: "My daughter influences me to live a better, more sustainable life, so she can have a better future! I would teach her all I know about gardening that has been passed down from my dad and hope she will pass on to her children. My husband and I have been gardening for years and it brings us closer together - we always feel a sense of pride when we grow our own food and love to share with friends and family! It is so important to teach our children how to survive, not to depend on others to provide for you." Too true, Cindy. We couldn't agree more!
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