Kevin Durant's new tattoo #2PacForever
  • thompsonscribeKevin Durant's new tattoo #2PacForever

  • _buddahman@coliver2820 you're not black with an IG name like dat
  • ballin.ben@coliver2820 that shit isnt even ashy, that nigga is either a shapeshifter or he's just dead, looks like theres no blood in his ankle lol, probably a voodoo zombie
  • ballin.benKD the type of nigga to try and be anything lol... first he steps on Curry in the playoffs, now he's riding his dick all the way to California, now he's a Tupac fan, and his ankles are even turning white now... He's going to end up looking like Chuck Taylor from the Chappelle Show to fit in with all the lightskinned niggas in Golden State
  • ballin.benHe's gonna get the Golden Gate bridge tattooed on his lower back next, and Steph Curry's name tattooed on his asscheeks
  • that's dedication 👍🏼😳 @syxxpac316
  • jcomvalius@2.07m check 2 comment hierboven
  • nicewitit😂 @jcomvalius
  • farid269It looks fake
  • coliver2820@_buddahman look at your name. Sounds like a mentally challenged kid learned how to use IG
  • d_olyunin@egor_manuntd Kevin Durant
  • d_olyunin@egor_manuntd а на татухе Тупак
  • ethanrehab@jaredchase6 worst tat in the game
  • shakefashion_Nash man..idk
  • shakefashion_Not sure I'd do that man
  • davidborgstrom53@edelovekiller
  • brake_danserohWhy not was 2pac not worthy of this? @shakefashion_ he's kd he's established its a dope tat and a piece of art ,what's wrong with it? I could see if it didn't look like him but this is top notch I don't see why u need let people know what YOU would do, I dont think anyone cares ...
  • brake_danseroh@ethanrehab ? How's this the worst tat? have u seen lebrons tats or josh smiths ! Or 75% of NBA players tattoo's your ass backward and u have little to no ink for sure , if u do its a unicorn I know it
  • east_99kekaiakeaDurant iz more of a bandy dickrider 4 curry's hairy aas clitoris 😂😭 #warriors suck
  • sebast_gamesBandwagon tattoo
  • kkolh@ballin.ben Terribly sorry your butt hurts so much given Durant's move. To your point, he obviously will start turning white now that he plays with a bunch of "light skinned niggas"? .. Especially true if a dumbass, racist white boy says it. Keep "ballin" fool
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