You might have heard that @zara has been ripping off the work of many artists lately. Sad to say that they have copied our designs, too. (Even worse is that adding the heart is actually a pretty good idea... 😂😂) Unfortunately, this is not the first time our work has been stolen, nor will it be the last. There's also not much that independent artists can do to fight international, multi-billion-dollar corporations. This is why we want to send a super huge THANK YOU to all of you. Every time you buy something from our webshop or one of the amazing retailers who carry our line, you are directly supporting our art and giving us the ability to keep making fun Things™ for you. Props to @tuesdaybassen and all of the other people who are calling @zara out on this ridiculously blatant theft and infinite thanks to all of you for being amazing friends and fans of our Things™. xoxo, @jenadrion and @omarnoory aka @thesearethings
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