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  • marykim380She is such a beautiful girl, I just don't understand this relationship. Does she think this is the best she can do? I don't care about the race but he is just nasty and I don't think he treats her that well.
  • joandunn8446@marykim380 you are so right....I don't get it either, all he does is suck her $$ out of her and she puts up with it.....very weird!!
  • frannvlads@mc5322 girl you are pathetic for being judgemental like this, yeah I've seen all the befire/after pictures and she never had surgery... You really think that this girl is dumb to the point going and get all her face done for no reason, she only got her lips done because she wasn't comfortable with them, she got the right to do whatever she wants . And hold on wait ! Why she should feel forced to not do what she wants because of other people or young generation are you serious? That's what the society wants but if you keep doing things you don't want to do because of people or because your afraid to be judged, trust me you'll never be happy because it's like living for others. Everyone is allowed to do whatever they want, if you know that's what can makes you happy, do it! And why did you delete your comment and locked your page?
  • mc5322Ok ok! You win, she is all natural, at 18 she really know what is good for her and for sure be a famous teen don't come with responsabily! For every girl, be your self, and accept you how you are! ✌️👯
  • hailsivy@marykim380 you don't know them personally so u can't really say that
  • ojuancarlos37Fuck the guy😡
  • hillomeListen, can y'all stop fighting & tell me the song? Lmao that's all I'm worried about. Help a brotha out
  • yeaginaaaActually you don't know how he treats her. @marykim380 @joandunn8446
  • pretty_cupcake1424I don't get it either but they I love each other @joandunn8446 @marykim380
  • joandunn8446@yeaginaa you don't know me so don't tell me what I do or don't know!!
  • yeaginaaalike I said ^ @joandunn8446
  • starshinebrighttLovely picture Kylie.
  • merberher@lingerzz_ LOLZ
  • shashamarliMcm muka bruce jd empuan dh😖 @socialgiraffestudio @mrzmrl @nebulasparkles
  • fadiazlfSo sweet😭😭
  • lastigmaniswegbro@dinabenyahia__
  • mitchhorrorWhat song????
  • mitchhorrorWhat song is this????
  • mitchhorrorAnyone???
  • adnahbc@adrijanalc
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