• realglutenfreemealsSo so sooo in love with @skinnycoconutoil coconut shampoo bar!! Do you see how this foams up?! I have naturally course hair, and I have the worst itchy scalp EVERRRR and that is from shampoos that contain lauryl sulfate aka sodium laureth sulfate. This is what allows your shampoos to bubble up, so of course I'm excited that this shampoo bar literally contains only coconut oil which naturally has acids present. Specifically lauric and myristic acids, which produce the lather. It leaves my hair feeling squeaky clean, not stripping my colored hair, and no it's not oily at all and contains no chemicals or anything else you see present in traditional shampoos. Plus it's totally improving the quality of my hair and I use a teeeny bit of their actual coconut oil in my conditioning process too. You can even use the left over foam to wash your face 🙃. Perfect for fine hair too, it's just a great bar and lasts awhile. Long story, this is amazing and so excited I've found it. -------
    The code: SKINNYCO15 saves you 15% off on the site in link above ☝🏼️

  • gluten_free_hawaiiI need this in my life 😍
  • queenhunybeeThanks for sharing!!!
  • afrey25@melissamaewrite
  • tessamaemuchoI have a lions mane for hair. Very thick and somewhat coarse. I definitely have the same problems. Do you only use this bar or what do you use for conditioner? Thanks a bunch.
  • realglutenfreemeals@tessamaemucho I do too. This bar is super awesome as it's just one ingredient, I use on my face too, it's clean and foams but the point is to not have all this extra added crap to it. I have to use a conditioner and I like @innersenseorganicbeauty. Tames it down without all the extra added crap. Very smooth and then I do have to put oil too.
  • innersenseorganicbeautyThank you for the love!
  • tessamaemuchoThank you so much! You rock! I'll have to give them both a try.
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