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  • theshandoStep 6

  • dina_naddeo
  • shortyxo90This reminds me of the charmed episode where you become a man to attract the female killer @theshando I just hit season 4 miss you on the show ❤❤ and praying for a healthy recovery 🙏🙏🙏✨✨✨✨✨
  • ashbgonzBless you, Heather Duke! 🙏🏻👸🏻❤️
  • factory_boyDear Miss Shannen. First of all, thank you for being so real, so vulnerable, so much the owner of your story. I'm 29, Hiv+, lucky to be a Danish citizen. I went through the" sickness was my awakening". I see you having had the same experience. I want you to know that my mom passed away a year and a half ago of cancer, a brain tumor. It took the cancer 6 months to try and win but in the end, my mom won. On the day of her death, she told me to sign up for the education so I can go to university, always offer people whatever you have in the kitchen, remain warm in heart and bring love to my family and friends. She was still in charge of everything when she (I believe) made a deal with the universe and took her last breath, on her terms. When I saw you on Chelsea, you reminded me so much of her. I just had to write this to you, even if it will never reach you. But I hope so. And I know you will survive and you will live. And you will be more gifted than the friends that you "lost". It's a gift in an ugly wrapping. My strongest prayers and best wished for your recovery, keep up your fight!
  • jasonbubbakchi Shannon😎 I'm a 37 year old stage 3 cancer survivor. i have been cancer free for 14 years. u can and will make it thru this. keep fighting and keep being awesome😘😘
  • kay_liam26I just want you to know you're strong,and still sooooooo beautiful can't believe I still feel connected you like we have always been sisters in my head and I'm growing up still your spirit is still beautiful off set. God bless you and keep fighting Shannon @theshando
  • kay_liam26@jptbubba1979 you're a blessing and example of how strength and faith works.
  • maayet❤ Stay strong, You are beautiful person with great heart ❤ I believe everything Will be ok...stay with us... stay strong
  • jazeyyhMuch love 💜 you're beautiful
  • suckmyditchi love your strengthen. Keep giving people who look up to you faith. God has a place in Heaven for a chick like you.
  • ramona.farcasI love your strengthen and admire you for having the courage to share everything you go through. So inspiring, wish you all the best x
  • inemoviemaniaGreat woman!
  • _mrsriley@tierneypaige
  • graceful9_adusYou are so beautiful and strong 💗💗💗
  • green400magazineShannen your a very strong person for showing the world your battle scars and I am so proud of you. Your gonna beat this girl, for your gift of love that you show the world will come back to you in so many wonderful ways...hugs Shannen stay strong girl, you got this...
  • babydolly1303Be brave ;-)
  • leggidamorettiBeautiful is not a beautiful face...❤
  • ungurean.cameliaSei sempre bellissima !!!!❤️😘
  • denise19523Shannon you are so very brave I am sending you prayer
  • martylikestofly@vesperkin
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