• thesoftlandingIt’s very important to detox the dangerous cookware lurking in your kitchen, but safer cookware is pretty hard to find these days with all the new-fangled products and their weird science coatings. Lucky for you, we got a little obsessed about finding truly healthy options, so we dug through every piece of information we could find on the most popular and widely-available types of cookware out there and came up with a lot of usable knowledge.
    Go take a look at the top 24 safe cookware recommendations: http://thesoftlanding.com/in-depth-guide-to-detoxing-your-dangerous-cookware (LINK in profile).
    What's your favorite cookware brand? Our top two are @ceramcor @lodgecastiron

    P.S. If your cookware’s worn out, throw it out! Any scratches or peeling could be exposing you and your family to heavy metals that can readily leach into your food.

  • greenchildcreationsMy fave is Revereware copper bottom stainless steel cookware. Preferably the vintage ones. :)
  • thecuriouscoconutGreat advice!
  • barebeautyblogGreat topic! Teflon should be outlawed! 🙅🏼
  • greentalkI use stainless steel.
  • crosscreekfarmtxLodge cast iron!
  • truncationblogI pretty much only cook with ceramic or cast iron! I love both!
  • organicshineSo true! Very important 😊
  • brigoreWe use mostly cast iron - I hope that's on the list!
  • ccbotanicalsI have 2 cast iron pieces I still use, from 1975/6 😊 Also, Le Creuset enamel, Lagostina stainless, Paderno ceramic. Jah!! Great post!! 🙏
  • organiccoconutbeautyTwo thumbs way up 👍👍
  • glowy_goddessI'm only an hour away from a factory that sells legit cast iron pans. Tis time to get one!
  • behomewellWhat a fab post!! Can't wait to check it out 🙌🏼🙌🏼
  • simplepurebeautyCan't wait to check this out!
  • pithandvigorGreat topic... I completely avoid anything with an obvious coating... Feel like that is the best way to go... Plus I just hate cooking with Teflon!
  • meredithtestedGreat post! We love our cast iron. I'll admit I was intimidated by it at first but now I'm such a huge fan.
  • griffinbenchmark😍😍
  • realfoodwholehealthYes!!
  • happymotheringNice!
  • zambranohealthylivingYikes! I need an overhaul! Thanks for the info, and I am sharing.
  • glutenfreecookingschoolindiaNice! In India,tempered terracotta pans are very popular and food cooked in it tastes sooooo good!:)
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