So much in love ❤️
  • aminabuddaflySo much in love ❤️

  • ivonne_gonzalez10Your the only one that the devil lives in. Your a true definition of a psychopath. You should check in a mental hospital and I'm glad that you don't have any kids because you can tell that the only sick person here is you. You're the one who came to her page to write nothing but negative mislead comment. @jonnyboy101010
  • jonnyboy101010Just like a coward u blocked -lol ur mad at me for being negative but u come to me to fight extremely mad! Super Negative! Hypocrite!!! Ur miserable n filled w hate LMAOOOO girl u r sic!!! Ur picking fights behind a computer lol girl bye w ur scary ass lol
  • jonnyboy101010Ivone Gonzalez take care of ur kid n stop picking fights on social media
  • jonnyboy101010Pathetic
  • kcasweet84She's taking about her baby you trolls.
  • mtv_christie@tanar01 how u kno?
  • keytaisblessed13Haha here's something to remember when they start bashing on your checking account, count your commas and imagine hers.....who's winning??? She win. Stop bashing folk that you can't match they bank's just a waste of other people time to have to read the simple comments! Yall know of her cause she made it, to the screen while yall still reaching! Shading her not gonna get yall on same platform so ask her for pointers instead of bashing her!
  • arineithlovestovi@keytaisblessed13 right!! Acting like they don't have problems
  • chanelobsessionCongrats on your lil Angel Bronx Amina !!😘can't wait to see how beautiful she is just like her big sis Cori😍😍😍 blessings to you & yours darling
  • haveuathelloBaby name is bronx @lov3ricka
  • miss_heavenCongrats on ur #leo best sign eva
  • biggurlzruleCongratulations #TeamLeo #7/31!!! @miss_heaven when is your bday???
  • miss_heaven@biggurlzrule 8/15 #leo
  • meianicole_1Team Leo #8/19
  • jonnyboy101010@keytaisblessed13 nobody wants to b on screen I stop watching that garbage last yr- n money does not equal happiness .. Just saying
  • jonnyboy101010@ivonne_gonzalez10 go find a priest n preform an exorcism get that devil out ur body jeez ur miserable
  • jonnyboy101010@wild_n_free_and_idgaf exactly!!!
  • jonnyboy101010@ivonne_gonzalez10 I feel so Srry for ur kids w a mother like u they will nvr amount to anything so remember when ur kid grows up n is a loser like u!! Blame urself!!!!
  • keytaisblessed138days later yall join the conversation! I can't.....i won't.....
  • ming_lee_baeOn my birthday!!!!! Bday twins!!!! Oh GOD she's gunna give u HELL!!!! #Leo
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