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  • serjtankianHey All, Check out the trailer for Renegade, an action packed first person shooter game for your iPhone/iPad that I had the pleasure of composing all the music for. It’s available now in the app store at the link in my bio. Have some fun blasting evil aliens while listening to some intense tunes composed by yours truly. Peace, Serj. #fps #industrialtoys #serjtankian
  • mrfloppy96S E L L O U T
  • _www.joshua.caSell out 😂😂
  • elguy69The people saying sellout are the same that wear name brand shit and their poop smells like cinnabon
  • jorgemelovzqzCan't be true
  • aprillee007There is no reason why he shouldn't be proud of doing/promoting this. He's a musician who made music. He didn't do voice acting in the game or become an Apple pusher. Be kind.
  • _gh0sts__For reals couldn't be said any better that's his life.
  • craig_hornerWicked 👍
  • bari.arakeelReally serj?
  • ozireikoizoCool graphics but laggy as hell if it gets supported it might be worth it..
  • mordreidЛол, взлом профиля или чего?
  • young_rappa@mordreid походу да
  • yavar_uv@serjtankian 😭😭😭😭❤
  • serjtankianfanclub@mordreid Serj Tankian написал саундтрек к игре Midnight Star: Renegade
  • ruslan_saberovперевести не пробовали? Паника ваша от не знаний. ..
  • nikasl_Oh , a lot of Russian under this post 😂😂😂
  • medivpowerЖдем в Рашке,заебал
  • brandonbenh891Awesome love your music but what about....you know your first um band
  • aminkariimii8👍👍
  • eternamente_soad_fcWow😍👏👏👏👏👏
  • arleyvtrGame FPS
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