• jessicajanoski17°57'0"S 63°09'09"W | "It is only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves—in finding themselves." — Andre Gide
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    I'm not going to lie, sometimes living in Bolivia (close to four years now!) is not the grand adventure I always hope for. I've settled into a routine here, got married, and work most of the time I should be out exploring. That's why it's so important for me to regularly go on local weekend trips, to keep the spirit alive even when I am not traveling per se. My favorite local place to go is #LomasDeArena, the sand dunes of #Bolivia and last week I tried my hand at #sandboarding. NOT SO EASY! Head over to the blog (link in profile) to watch a video of my experience and my #wanderlust refuel.

  • travellingweaselswow I'd love to try sandboarding!! Though I'm rubbishing at skate and snow boarding and surfing so I'll probs be bad at sandboarding too :( going to check your post out now!! ❤
  • girl_outofboundsI love the simplicity of this photo.
  • expatandthecityWow this is a great photo!! How long were you walking for through there?
  • conversant_travellerSandboarding looks like one of those things difficult to master but once you have, so much fun. Beautiful place to try it though!
  • globaletalibraryWhat an empty expanse!
  • wherever_i_mayroamblogSo cool only seeing your footprints in the sand.
  • smalltownwaLove this shot. I'm glad you've found a way to get away and feed that part of your nature that years to travel.
  • worldinparislove the quote!
  • the_roaming_renegadesIt's never the same when you settle down somewhere to live! At least you are trying to make the most of it!
  • jessicajanoskiWord @the_roaming_renegades!
  • wanderwithjoLovely
  • taylormadetravelsI would never have guessed this was in Bolivia. Looks like somewhere in the middle east!
  • ohheyyychrisLove it!
  • saltinourhair📷👌
  • djo.23Nice !
  • thesaltyfernReally digging your account!
  • ferdy14Its so cool you have started a life here! Hope you enjoy every moment and there is always a new place to discover here in Bolivia! Just hit me up for upcoming adventures.
  • jessicajanoskiThanks @ferdy14! I love your photos! Will definitely be in touch for an adventure!
  • ferdy14@jessicajanoski Thanks! Loved your photos too and that'd be awesome!
  • picturesandwordsblogsandboarding?! that sounds insane and awesome!
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