• calivintagea palate cleanse. i'm constantly arranging and rearranging this space! last week, i had the pleasure of welcoming @mooreaseal into my home as part of her forthcoming book project. this woman is so inspiring and supportive! i'm honored that my little home will be featured in her book. just chatting with her has left me feeling energized... and motivated to spruce things up around here! #calivintagehome

  • bisashopAw, the little vase has a great home right there!
  • seechelci@calivintage that plant is amazing! 🌿 what kind is it, do you know!?
  • the_gremily@alwayssssleep, anyone?
  • calivintage@seechelci oh man, i actually have no idea! gonna do some sleuthing to see if i can figure it out. i love this plant!
  • mooreasealCan't wait to see how your bedroom morphs and changes before we do our shoot!
  • calivintage@mooreaseal bahaha omg i can never stop changing things around here!
  • being_littleThis looks so relaxing and peaceful! I think i might have to take a leaf out of your book and add a couple of plants to my bedroom 🌿
  • terrimchugh💛
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