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  • tifforelieHere it is. The video me and @whereissionnie created to capture our Europe experience with @celebritycruises. Me and Kappel had the idea for this video together on one of our last dates. We were at Koi getting sushi, and I told him about a dream I had. In a nutshell, it was a moment in slow motion, so rich with smells, colors, sounds and feelings that I was frustrated at the thought of capturing it all, so I didn't. I just ran through puddles of raspberry jam at sunset on a hill by the ocean, giggling like a 5 year old. Then Kappel said, "that's what we'll do for Celebrity." We would share the truth. That nothing is the same as being there. No photo or video, even the most articulate story can fully communicate what it's like to live within those moments yourself, and watch how your own heart takes them in.
    Sionnie and I committed to complete that vision, and I honestly couldn't be more proud to share this with you.
    "Wish you were here" obviously means so much to me, and meant so much to me on that trip. I know he would have loved it. And I know he would be proud of what we created.
    Thank you so much to everyone who helped make this happen, and thank you Celebrity for being advocates of true adventure, and being such beautiful partners on this project which has literally changed my life.
    Friends in the video: @local_milk + @matthewlud and @oskargarberg from @johanochnystrom.
    Film beautifully edited by @jor_by, voiceover written by @whereissionnie, produced and directed by myself and Sionnie. Concept by me and my love, @kappeljamescloninger.
    I miss you sweetheart. I really do wish you were here. Thank you for being my best friend and walking next to me on so many adventures. I love you. 💛🌾 #whywelove #whyweadventure #PresidentsCruise

  • maria.gotchenyaAbsolutely beautiful)
  • luiggyguillenAmazing
  • siforellanaAbsolutely wonderful. Thanks for sharing your beautiful journey🙏🏻✨💚. Warm thoughts and hugs from Denmark
  • coffeepaintrepeatSimply beautiful
  • dejlighederJust beautiful ❤️
  • ideliapreciosa@giovannofurhad please watch
  • megownsThis is incredible! You guys did a great job capturing that essence, drawing a person in to the understanding that despite the beauty captured and the eloquent words written to describe such a place, nothing can compare to being there. This short captured so much, seriously well don.
  • emilieiggiottiCrying while watching this... it must have been so hard for you to do this without him but he must so proud of you... so so proud. This is just beautiful and so well done. Bravo!
  • matannakatz@liesekuhn you will love this!! 😱🙌🏻💗
  • robinmayThis is so beautiful in every way. 💞
  • xxtanialyonsxxThis is beautiful 🌸
  • freshpresseHeard good things about Celebrity and it's actually the one cruiseline I really want to check out.
  • quepoaaBeautiful and inspiring @tifforelie
  • mrbow1erscrolling through your feed and just came upon this now... so good Tiff! great job on the edit & use of voice over. raw & emotional. wish I could have been there for you flying the drone!
  • kandacermmGorgeous!!
  • chelsea_elizabeth24You are an incredibly talented and strong human being @tifforelie
  • julsynivencakes****((hug))*****
  • evanjdaniels@dey_vid
  • dey_vid@evanjdaniels is this who you're traveling with?
  • studio_weddings@dianitaruizhueck esta caraja hace unos videos q no entiendo como le quedan así 😍 jajajaja
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