• blossom_trustA huge #ThankYouThursday goes out to Anita and Anne-Françoise for crowdfunding and their friends and families for donating to Dayspring Home. They raised enough money for:
    * 2 uniforms/child
    * 30 trunks for the children to keep their belongings
    * 30 towels
    * 30 bedsheets
    * Stationery
    * Bicycle repairs
    Thank you SO much for your incredible impact on the children's lives! #nonprofit #children #blessed #India #thankful #crowdfunding

  • christhefrDope
  • blossom_trust@christhefr We think so! Dayspring is run solely on donations so if you're interested in #donating or want to help us spread the word, go to: www.globalgiving.org/projects/blossomtrust-orphans-hiv-tb/
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