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  • badgalririRIP Alton Sterling 😢 

  • andreanaqueen_@icekreeem
  • oreoluwaajoseadeogunMad woma0n
  • bmpoposDemirtaş
  • dollabilldlmIt's so sad...this man was gunned down cold blood in my home town Baton Rouge just minutes around the corner from my house...Alton use to promote and sell my music in our city...#RIPAltonSterling
  • iamreanne12😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
  • bijs010Gestoord wijf
  • belaoceansOmg ....im from spain we never hears this story before, im crying....come on....he was a human being with good intentions and he was a father as she said.....god i just can say sorry to the air....sorry ...ofc your lifes matter, dont let no one to say the opposite, and sorry again
  • masi.niroAll lives should be equal
  • ohmagod_omegaflamezI dig mama
  • frankiebrumittsorry girl
  • r.aa.eeAll of y'all just focus on the fact that she's driving because u don't want to focus on the obvious truth😂🤔💀
  • amonxx6She's on the passenger seat. @r.aa.ee
  • r.aa.eeIk she. Is but all these idiots think she driving... @amonxx6
  • amonxx6Ohhhh truee @r.aa.ee
  • besosyfotosLove her, and I'm pissed, America is pure frustration right now
  • shordy.a_was i the only one that moses parted her tongue🤔
  • gnarly_narwhal__How about we stop trying to find a race to blame for everything. How about we work together. And on top of that instead of each race playing the poor pitiful me game let's just work together if we all want equality then that's what we should be working towards. Yes there are bad cops just like there's back drug dealers and Hite drug dealers there's bad people in every race but instead of blaming the whole race let's blame the people
  • gnarly_narwhal__Black and white*
  • jazzypaigew#Jazmine #Me THERE I'M A HASHTAG... *Rebelness intensifies*
  • ibarzgasto@jazzypaigew idiota
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