Me and my friends tonight. Thanks Geneva! It was lit!!! #godMc
  • manifestiveMe and my friends tonight. Thanks Geneva! It was lit!!! #godMc

  • _emepha_@life_of_starboi blablablablablablablablabla what r u saying😏😏??my dear dnt make me take u on dis morning it's too early...dnt dare insult @manifestive here....u dnt like him jx exit urself plss plss...
  • life_of_starboiUr dude be wack accept dah . he diss fr a leaving @_emepha_ . @sarkodie1 wan help him buh he mess up. X gud i exit myself frm here ..
  • _emepha_@life_of_starboi Am weeping 4 u ryt now cuz de level of ignorance I see in ur comments eerrrhhh is out of dis world...pls exit wid ur dumbness 😳
  • life_of_starboiFunny u das y he diss fr a leaving . cash ni ne pocket aaa he dey in d family like money #mmmp tell him dah .. @sarkodie1 x dope @_emepha_
  • life_of_starboiMonkey
  • kobbiblaqEnglish language and self expression in any form, over issues using vulgar language never sees resolves. We all have individual opinions, what does it benefit us when we wake and insult eachother? An artist places a post, all what is needed are well wishes and support regardless our divide. Let us learn to custodians of courtesy and good morals
  • _emepha_@life_of_starboi Hu is de monkey???u r a typical example of why I say"pathetic people are filled with so much hate" see ur face lyk scrambled egg...if u dnt like @manifestive its nt by force to b here as I told u earlier jx exit u fool...
  • _emepha_@kobbiblaq Thank you my dear...oyaaa chop 💋
  • life_of_starboiSee u , u dey insult me bcos ur mentor x monkey .. No wonder u hz banana das y he chop u fr a leavin . hatez aint #sarknation problem koraa cos dey love wah we do best @sarkodie1 all d way . u beta find a beta dpe gee and follow dan killin urself fr dz wack gee .. @_emepha_
  • _emepha_@life_of_starboi finally u sed it,u knw dat cuz he chops me and ur mum together....get lost joorrr n go get a life u spoilt brat😏😏
  • teddyghandourSmh....
  • _balangoWe performing for whites internationally, they performing for Ghanaians internationally. #MeAndMyFriend #godMc 👌🏾
  • life_of_starboiWhy u guys gah problem . nobody ask ur dude to attack first , shut d hell up dear @princess_josy1007
  • life_of_starboiHy dear watch ur wrds cos u dnt geh fucked by manifest bfr u enjoy ur daily meal. @princess_josy1007 am srry buh dz whole tyn x wack
  • bra_carbon@life_of_starboi to whom brain is given,sense is required!!! Wise up and stop making noise about some local champion
  • oseibellingLol....he was put on a show
  • jojo.diceInternationally known but locally slept on. #godmc
  • nokkia3310@life_of_starboi shut the fuck off and go comment on your favorites page
  • life_of_starboiSiakwa here bi ur plot of land , ur property @nokkia3310
  • mukosagolfU got murdered son.@manifestive... of course he gonna pass on the touch... ofcourse it aint you. @sarkodie a #philanthropist @krystalofnm he thought he GodMc But murdered himself... vision all blury now cause the king is back.
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