• sustainabilityportalNew on The Portal | Ania Zoltkowski of @zoltkothelabel ✨🌟 There are currently 21 million people in the world who are victims of forced labour within the clothing & textile industry. Garment workers are promised a life of emancipation but instead they face some of the worst human rights abuses, where they are forced to work excessive hours, in unsafe working conditions, and are not paid a living wage. Appalled by this current situation within the fashion supply chain, Byron Bay designer and ethical fashion activist Ania Zoltkowski, is determined to work towards an ethical fashion industry. "My desire to create a difference within this industry grew from my experience of working in India with some of the most marginalised women. I spent time working at a fair-trade manufacturing workshop, that provides fair work and fair wages to women from slum areas, and through this creates social empowerment and financial independence for them. Fashion can be used as a means for positive social change, and does not have to exploit others. I want to spread this message and inspire others to manufacture responsibly.” Head to www.sustainabilityportal.com.au to learn more 👌

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