• silver_angHave been on @circleslifesg for the past 2 months and I must say, I LOVE IT! #notpaidtosaythis

    If you're still clueless, @circleslifesg is a new telco in town, with a base plan of $28 for 4GB of data on 4G, and 100 minutes of talktime. Anything else you need, be it more data, SMS and call time (which we hardly use anyway thanks to apps like Whatsapp and Line), you just customize it according to your needs for that month. Oh btw incoming calls are unlimited for $2 if you really need them. (In case banks or whoever call you you won't be overcharged for their long calls.) All Whatsapp data will not be charged which is great cos I have no idea how much data I used to waste thanks to group chat picture shares. #unlimitedwhatsappusageftw! They also don't charge for caller id (which everyone else does), and they provide free roaming.

    Everything is done online, even customer service. You can migrate your current number over so you get to keep your number. Else you can choose a desired number while customizing your plan too. So once you've customized your base plan, they'll mail 📬 the sim card to you with your preferred mailing address and time slot. If you encounter any problems, just contact them with the CirclesCare app helpdesk or via whatsapp. No more waiting on the ☎ for someone to talk to you! (I've tried it personally, and response time is really short.) I know I'm raving here but you can get rewarded with free data as you use. You get an extra free 500MB for every 6 months you're with them so that adds up to an extra 2GB EVERY FRIGGIN MONTH if you stay with them for 2 years. Yup this bonus is lifetime! Also, did I mention that I always get 4G data, and coverage is awesome?

    Best part? No contracts. Nope. You change your plan anytime you wish at no extra administrative costs. Cancel anytime you wish. If you are low on data you just boost accordingly and buy more halfway through the billing month. I say get on @CirclesLifeSg already!

    Need more push? Use my code "SILVER" to get S$20 off your registration! Go to to register!

    #goodthingsmustshare #holiaogaixiao #genuinerave #notpaidforthispost #silverxcircleslife

    Picture by @shane_low
  • keweitayWa so good!!!
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  • silver_ang@carriesim thank you babe 💋
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