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    Here it is! 🙌 This is the exercise I use with every patient to fix 👟 foot and ankle issues. How can it help you?

    If you ↘↙ pronate:
    You most likely don't have an effective windlass mechanism and don't engage the deep calf muscles. This will train you to push off through the big toe and strengthen your arch and deep foot muscles. For you guys, ✋ 5 second holds at the top will be very helpful and don't be surprised if you feel your feet cramp up.

    If you ↙↘ supinate:
    You roll to and push off through the outside of the foot. You need to come ⏪ back to the big toe. For you, we want to instill a new motor pattern so 💦 high rep sets of 15 to 25 are where you need to practice.

    If you have plantar fasciitis or Achille's tendon 🔥 pain:
    You need to fix the mechanics, but you can also use this to load the tissues and make them 💪 stronger. Slow eccentric sets are best for you. Raise up and lower as slowly and with as much control as possible.

    If you chronicly 💢 sprain your ankles:
    You most likely push off through the outside and don't have the dynamic lateral stability from the peroneals. Repattern like the supinators and get those muscles 💥 firing again to stabilize your ankles.

    There you have it guys! 🙏 I hope you enjoyed this series a learned a lot. What do you want me to discuss next? 📣 Comment below and I'll start preparing the next topic!

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  • hannahlees143@kev_cup
  • alexjcastelo@lubey_bran this is what we were talking about. how we walk on the sides of our foot instead of straight so our ankles don't hurt and that we think it's from so many years of bball
  • alexjcastelo@dr.jacob.harden when I walk and aim to push off my big toe. should I also be trying to walk on the inside of my foot? or would that be an overcompensation?
  • lubey_bran@alexjcastelo that's exactly the reason for me. I've hurt my ankle too many times. It's habit to walk on the sides. Almost uncomfortable lol
  • dylanwitt@areid23
  • al.atmacaIs it normal to feel discomfort in the knee at times when doing this? I have got tight/stiff knees
  • dr.jacob.harden@alisah.atmaca No you shouldn't be feeling knee discomfort.
  • al.atmacaOh okay 😬 could it be that my knee could be hyper mobile? Every time I do it my knee does it like it is
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  • andrewomaticThis exercise you demonstrate in the video seems to be for over-supination? What should an overpronator with flat feet do? Same thing, or should the quarters be put by the small toe?
  • quaddoc@nckjns here it is 🙌
  • nckjns@quaddoc awesome! Thank you!
  • quaddoc@nckjns your welcome!
  • rayburtonauthorIve just liked 10+ posts as I work my way up your feed. What a wicked account and such great info
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  • melyoroBuenas noches dr no hablo inglés espero k alguien le pueda traducir @estoy muy angustiada me hisieron un MAR en la espalda baja me salió espondiolitesis y me duelen mis piernas y cadera eso es normal k me duelan mis piernas ? Espero k si me conteste gracias
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