You guys. Remember that lovely photo of my kitchen I posted last night? And how I was all, "I try to clean every day..." Well, lest you think I'm anything but a hot mess housekeeper, today, I'm sharing my office with you. Can you even see my fun yellow desk under all that awfulness? 🙈
Making a commitment now to work through this mess so I can actually use this room again without feeling anxious and overwhelmed. And saying a prayer of gratitude that I'm blessed with Amazing Grace in life, and homemaking. 💙
Sharing this shot of my #diy desk and striped wall for #thecraftedhomethursday hosted by
@rustic_peonies @upyonderdesigns @aryannsplace @6lilacplace @sassafrashome and Also joining in for #decordailydose and #thriftedvintagethursday.
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