Thank you! @theacademy I'll make my vote count.
  • samtaylorjohnsonThank you! @theacademy I'll make my vote count.

  • shaletgharibianWill you please stop! You clearly have no idea what your talking about little girl. I haven't commented on Miss D. in a long while. Today's news really pissed me off!
  • iamk8_acongrats @samtaylorjohnson ! glad that you will be a part of the academy. you are truly a great artist and director. 👍
  • mrg_grm@shaletgharibian you want them to include Jamie for his cut role in Burnt, Fifty Shades, and Marie Antoinette? Next year he will have a better chance.
  • shaletgharibian@mrg_grm Lol.... Did you see Burnt? Jamie was lucky not having any affiliation with that flop! As for Marie Antoinette... You've got to start somewhere. Now, FSOG... Did you see the part where DJ was acting drunk, or the pancake scene, ( cringe worthy ) she was just as rotten as JD. He only had 2 months to prepare for the role of CG compared to DJ year long preparation. Lol.... Nice try. 💥
  • gorgeousdakotaCongrats Sam ♥ and Dakota ♥♥
  • yourfavsfanROFL! Irish award for an Irish "actor" yeah that is fair! Sam knows DJ's family? Based on what did she confirm that with you? And Keira wasn't connections? Or your fav his wife came from actor parents! Dumbass old hag has no life! Fact is Jamie is a poor actor on top! The critics don't lie! He was recently named model turned HollyWooden actor is so laughable and true! He will never be a contender!
  • missyjtaylorYou deserve it since nowhereboy 👏👏👏👏 congrats i'm sure your vote will make the diference 😍❤️😍
  • yowstylesSame old nasty Jamie Dornan fans always trolling comments! Congrats Sam!
  • mizboots12I think both Jamie & Dakota are talented actors in their own rights. Just noticed Jamie is still not very good with trying to pass an American accent & seems to be self conscious about it. Evidently he was really great in The Fall bec he was speaking in his native tongue. However if he really wants to be a competent actor and make a career in Hollywood, he has to train hard and get a good acting coach, work on his accent and maybe be US based & make himself more visible in the US. Dakota did audition for FSOG for many months & got casted first. Sam was not a family friend like someone on this thread claimed. Don't know where she read it. STJ on an interview said she was really won over by her audition & couldn't believe she had that rare connection of innocence and being worldly at the same time because of where or how she grew up. Melanie Griffith was exceptional in Working Girl so I beg to disagree again with one's vile comment. I don't think movie critics would be that wrong in praising her. Having a famous last name will get you through the audition door but won't guarantee it would keep you in, as one famous casting director once quipped! Otherwise, if Hollywood casting was just based on friendships, there won't be hundreds of unemployed wannabe actors who are offsprings of famous ones. Bruce Willis kids have a hard time getting major projects, even Tom Hanks' or Robin Williams' kids. Or Dakota's older brother or her own parents have even stated, it's harder to get roles when they got older...Jamie will have his time too.
  • monomkj@shaletgharibian you wish Jamie had 3 big project coming 😂 none will be big sorry! And you still talk bout D on Twitter so stop lie. You stupid and obsess with her. Jamie affiliation with burnt is embarrassing. He cut from a movie that flop. That how he known now
  • trudyclesowichCongratulations Dakota & Sam!!!!
  • valerie343This post has nothing to do with jamie or dakota! Congratulate sam and move along this is so ridiculous😣 Congratulations Sam well deserved 👏👏👏👏
  • tauanysenaCongats!!!
  • rifat_ozbek@samtaylorjohnson 👏👏👏❤️❤️❤️🕊🕊🕊
  • len.bleandCongratulations Sam!! Good Job!! 👍👍👏👏🎉🎉💥💥
  • sladjana03👌👍👏👏🎉🎉
  • poncianoalecsCongratulations @samtaylorjohnson , I think you deserve it! The next two Fifty Shades, will never have all that success without you!
  • tiffany.dickensCongratulations
  • mkhan_officialCongo oll happiness nd success mam
  • melissajackson24Congrats! You are so talented 💜👍
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