• jaclauritaNicholas smiling @sarahlaurita ! FLIRT!
  • gypsysouled111I love how much love and support you pour into him! I wish I grew up with love like that. That alone is going to help him more than you'll ever know. I will say autism really isn't a disorder or disease as some things refer to it. It's just a different way our brains work. Like a mac in a PC world. I know each of us are on our own spots on the spectrum and we all come with our own struggles. My children and I are alike but yet so different too. I don't say this in a judgemental way by any means hun cuz I'm not the kind of person to talk smack on the internet etc. Just something to keep in mind and only meant in a caring way. When someone refers to it as a disease or "something's wrong w me" for example, it's like it says I'm a mistake or broken and need to be fixed etc. When people can look at autism as a difference in the ways our brains work, it can help in so many ways. Of course I only know what I've seen on TV, but I think you are a beautiful person inside n out and a great Mommy. Your family is blessed. Hope what I said makes sense. :) @jaclaurita
  • ninarossi47Thank you for showing your struggle with your son on your show. It has opened my eyes, to my own 3 year old whom I feel may also have autism.
  • loriclark1@jaclaurita i thought of your sweet Nicholas when I saw this amazing story.... WATCH: Boy diagnosed with regressive autism stopped talking, showing affection and engaging in the world around him. But then he started memorizing Disney movies - and he got his voice back:
  • dolorescatania@jaclaurita he is the most beautiful child love u nick
  • sherri_kazHe is gorgeous, looks like his Dad. You are an amazing, awesome Mother. You are a Beautiful person and when Ashley grows up and becomes a Mom, I hope she sees what an amazing Mom she has...❤❤❤❤❤
  • isela0007@p_loz84 this is her son
  • my_tiny_vignetteHe's such a gorgeous boy but so are your other beautiful children (but not teenage girls when they are being bitches)
  • dinaazizajewelryHe's adorable!! You've done such a wonderful job advocating for your son!! #makingadiffernce #advocate #warriormom 💕💕💕💕💕
  • mj_hobokenSo cute
  • nana_amaoppongFather God in the mighty name of Jesus. Father I ask that he was touching the Nicholas right now in Jesus name
  • blanchedevereauxislifeAww big boy!!!! @jaclaurita God bless you girl. How is C.J? We haven't seen any recent pics but I know he's so handsome and probably girl crazy!!!
  • shirleyklitzHe looks just like his dad 😇
  • teampapas_2011I totally tearer up watching the show im happy he is saying i love you. son is 4 and non verbal waiting for the day:)
  • disturbedindigoHey have you seen this?? . . . .
  • lizzyy_ann@jaclaurita I do hope you see this comment...... But I absolutely lovvvvvvve seeing Super Nick!!!! He literally has captured my heart and won't give it back :). My mom works with autistic children. And every time Nick is on. I make her come watch him. He is such a huge soul with so much to give. And I absolutely love seeing him grow. As for you. You are doing an amazing job as his mother. Adjusting to the life with an autistic child. You didn't plan. You HAD to adapt. And you adapted beautifully. You have Chris have made such a beautiful family!! And this is just the beginning for Super Nick (seen that last season) and his growth. He's going to go big places. And do HUGE things!!!! #teamsupernick
  • pookacatzCutie💙
  • cindylou_31Hi, Nicholas. 🙋🏽
  • vivkoulouris@jaclaurita what a gorgeous little boy. God bless ❤️
  • djesusiveHi, @jaclaurita I don't know if anyone have bring you any information about a product named Recall from 4life Research.. I have a son that has the same condition as your son.. Is a 100% natural product.. I have been using this product for my son and I have seen so much positive changes in my son I can not even explain to you how happy my fam and I are by finding this product for our little one..and I am so happy to share it with you! God bless you and your fam !!
  • cheymaczko34He looks just like his dad
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