• girlsandtheircats"Tiny Cat came into my life accidentally; I had wanted a cat for years, but hadn't seriously pursued adoption. One day I was perusing Craigslist to see what was for sale in my neighborhood, and there she was! It was love at first (internet posting) sight. Her former human loved her immensely, but could not keep her due to changing circumstances; she only wanted Tiny to find a loving home. She is truly the best part of my day, every day. I could not imagine a better companion - she's playful, curious, and intelligent, sweet, sassy, and breath-takingly cute. When my long term relationship ended, she took care of me - she seemed to know when I needed extra purrs and cuddles (and even the occasional hand/paw holding while watching Netflix!), and she's slept in the bed with me every night since then, laying on top of me if it's cold, and on the pillow next to me when it's hot. Waking up to see her next to me each morning is such a comfort, and she made my transition to living alone so easy - because I'm not truly living alone with her around! As with most close cat-human relationships, we've developed our own forms of communication; sometimes I even forget that she is a cat! I just see her as my best buddy. She hates being picked up, but loves cuddling on her own terms - every morning when I wake up to go to the bathroom she hops on my lap and purrs loudly (I used to try to prevent it, but she can't be stopped!), and at night she curls up on my chest with her nose an inch from my nose, demanding chin scratches. I'm finishing up grad school this summer, and I think Tiny is just as excited as I am for all the extra time we'll have to hang out together." @meandmrcat

    Danielle is a public health researcher and soon-to-be former grad student living in Prospect Heights.
    #catlady #girlsandtheircats #catlover #adoptdontshop #cats #tuxedocat

  • darlinganiaAwww 💞
  • becks1871I love this! Reminds me of me and my Fern. Cats make the best friends 😻
  • planetlynjoWhat a beautiful cat and lovely, charming story - best wishes 💖🐾😻
  • alzersLooks like ace @pmxc83
  • slicur@sissy_krapp cat adoption stories 😪😊
  • stuffmysonwearsSo cute! What a great story!💗💗💗
  • dee.diaryThis is precious!
  • girlsandtheircats@bridgetbible I wish more cats loved to be held! Ha
  • girlsandtheircats@becks1871 they do
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